Steps On How To Turn Off Ford MyKey

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Ford MyKey is one of the premier safety features that are equipped for our vehicles. Ford MyKey helps monitor and encourage safe driving practices on the Norwalk roads such as using seat belts, limiting vehicle top speeds, decreasing audio volume, and more! This is the perfect tool for teens learning to drive, but if you don’t have teenagers, how does a Ford MyKey disable?

Use the following steps in this guide to learn how to turn off Ford MyKey brought to you by the specialists at DeYarman Ford Indianola. You can also schedule an appointment with our service center at DeYarman Ford Indianola if you want in-person help today!



Steps To Disable Ford MyKey

If you’re researching a fast and easy way to conduct a Ford MyKey disable, use the following steps to get this done quickly today. Do the following after turning on your Ford vehicle’s ignition:

  • Start your car and wait for the display screen to turn on
  • Press the left arrow button on your steering wheel-mounted information display controls to access the main menu
  • Select “Settings” on the main menu by pressing “OK”
  • Once in “Settings”, scroll until you see “MyKey” and press “OK”
  • Search for “Clear MyKey”
  • Press and hold “OK” until you see the message “All MyKeys are Cleared”

What Is Ford MyKey and How To Program It? 

Ford MyKey is a program very similar to Ford SYNC®, FordPass, and Fort Remote Start. It’s a system that provides safety and security features to Des Moines drivers for added peace of mind, especially for student drivers.

The same way you can conduct a Ford MyKey disable, you can program it. Use the following steps to program your Ford MyKey below:

  • Choose the key you wish to program and put it into the ignition. If your vehicle has push-button start, you can utilize the backup key slot.
  • Access the main menu and navigate to “Settings”.
  • Select “MyKey”, then “Create MyKey” from the menu.
  • The system will ask you to select “OK” in order to label the current key as a MyKey.

Get Your Ford MyKey Disabled at DeYarman Ford Indianola

If you find it hard programming or learning how to turn off Ford MyKey, visit us at our Indianola dealership for more help. Contact us at our Indianola dealership near Winterset today!

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