How to Reset a Check Engine Light

check engine light on

When navigating the streets of Indianola, it’s not uncommon for the check engine light to unexpectedly turn on. Frustratingly, this light often stays lit even when you’ve confirmed that your engine is functioning perfectly. No need to worry! Our experts at DeYarman Ford Indianola’s service center unveil methods explaining how to reset the engine light and restore peace to your drive.

Address Any Identified Issues First

The first step before you reset the check engine light is to ensure there’s no underlying issue demanding attention. Ignoring potential problems can escalate into costly repairs. Therefore, we advise scheduling a service to have any concerns promptly addressed by the professionals at DeYarman Ford Indianola. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing and fixing problems, ensuring you can enjoy your journeys around Des Moines without worries.

Manual Resetting of the Check Engine Light

If you’re confident there are no issues or have already addressed them, it’s time to reset the check engine light. Here’s how to reset check engine light manually:

  1. Ensure your vehicle is off and gear up with safety gloves and glasses.
  2. Find the negative battery terminal, identifiable by a black cap and a negative (–) symbol, in contrast to the positive terminal’s red cap and positive (+) symbol.
  3. With a wrench, loosen the nut on the negative terminal, detach the negative connector for 30 – 60 seconds, and reconnect and secure it.

This method should successfully reset the check engine light, helping drivers in Winterset. However, if the light persists, don’t worry — there’s another approach to try. Remember, this might reset system settings, such as your vehicle’s infotainment.

Checking the Gas Cap

Sometimes, the answer to a triggered check engine light lies in something as straightforward as a loose or faulty gas cap, which can lead to vapor leaks. To address this, securely tighten or replace the gas cap. If, after this simple fix, the check engine light remains illuminated, it may be necessary to revisit the battery disconnection method to reset it, ensuring your vehicle is functioning optimally on your journeys through Norwalk.

Visit Our Service Center at DeYarman Ford Indianola

Cars can be complex, and there’s no shame in seeking professional help, especially regarding something as crucial as a check engine light. If you’re in or around Indianola and need experienced advice, please contact us or stop by our service center. Our team at DeYarman Ford Indianola is ready to assist and answer your question on how to reset the check engine light. Remember to check out our service specials for great deals!

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