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Whether you get a flat tire or your tire tread has worn down too far, knowing how to change a tire is an important skill. After all, no one enjoys waiting on the side of Indianola roads waiting for help, and driving around on dangerous tires is certainly not worth the risk. Fortunately, the DeYarman Ford Indianola service team can help with this guide on how to change a car tire. If you need help, schedule a service appointment online or get ahold of us at your earliest convenience.



Changing Your Tires: Step-by-Step

First, you need the right tools to change your tires. Gather the following things: spare or replacement tire(s), a jack, a lug wrench, and your owner’s manual. Replacing the tire on your new car, truck, or SUV is a straightforward process when you follow these steps:

  1. If you’re stuck in traffic or on the side of a Des Moines street with a flat tire, move to a safe spot and turn on your hazard warning lights.
  2. Apply the parking brake and put wheel wedges under the other tires (if you have some).
  3. Remove the wheel cover or hubcap from the tire you’re changing, and loosen the lug nuts.
  4. Use the jack to raise your Ford and remove the lug nuts.
  5. Take the current tire off and mount the spare or new tire. Check your owner’s manual if you don’t know where it is.
  6. Tighten all the lug nuts, then carefully lower your vehicle to the ground.

How Often To Change Car Tires?

Now that you know how to change a tire, do you know how often to change car tires? You should change your tires when they are worn out and no longer safe. When that occurs depends on how often you rotate tires and the quality of your tires. Some tires last longer than others. 

If you rotate your tires regularly, expect to reach the full mileage promised. You should also periodically check your tire pressure and tread to be safe. If the tread wear is significant, you need new tires. To ensure your tires last for as long as promised, schedule a tire rotation whenever you get your oil changed.

How Many Miles Can You Go on a Spare Tire?

If you need to drive around Winterset on a spare tire, replace it with a new tire as soon as possible. Spare tires are not made for long-term driving — rarely more than 50 miles — and never drive on them at high speeds. Your spare tire should note its specific limits on the sidewall, but most recommend going below 50 mph.

DeYarman Ford Indianola is Always at Your Service

If you are uncomfortable with DIY tire changes or are unsure what kind of tires to purchase, our service team near Norwalk is happy to help. Check out our service specials and contact us today. 


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