What is Ford Credit?

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Ford Credit is the financing arm of the Ford Motor Company. If you’re looking for Ford finance services in greater Des Moines, so you can arrange for a flexible payment plan on a future Ford, take a moment to learn more about Ford Credit. Then, reach out to the financiers at DeYarman Ford for help in Indianola, IA.

Perks of Ford Credit

The Ford Credit program has been designed to streamline every step of the process of financing or leasing a vehicle near Norwalk. You’ll be able to use the Ford Credit tool to get a great estimate of how much you should pay each month for Ford finance or a Ford lease. You’ll also be able to perform nearly every step of closing your deal from the comfort of your home. Ford Credit also offers plenty of assistance programs and incentives to help you optimize your savings. You’ll also have access to Ford’s finance specialists who can answer any of your questions, and even set you up with payment relief if ever fall ill, become the victim of a natural disaster, or have an accident.

Ford Credit Leasing and Financing Plans

When you apply for Ford Credit, you’ll need to decide whether you prefer to pursue Ford finance services or a Ford lease. Take a moment to review the available Ford lease and finance plans:


  • Standard Purchase: Opt for this plan, and you’ll enjoy flexible payment terms that allow you to change your plan to accommodate your needs as they develop. You won’t have to deal with any mileage limitations or hidden usage/wear feeds, and every payment you make towards your loan is an investment in your equity.
  • Flex Buy: This plan lowers your payments in the first few years of your loan term. They rise gradually over time. This plan only qualifies for new vehicles and there is only one loan term option.


  • Red Carpet Lease: The Ford lease allows you to choose between 7 monthly mileage limits, meaning that, while there are limitations, you’ll have plenty of flexibility to adapt those limits to suit your needs. The Red Carpet Lease plan also features an Advance Payment Program. Participate, and you’ll be able to pay your lease in one lump sum for much less than what your monthly payments would have totaled!

Have Questions About Ford Credit?

Whether you have more questions about the Ford finance and lease programs, or you’re ready to begin pursuing a loan or lease for your next Ford, give DeYarman Ford a call at 515-690-4382. Our financiers can walk you through all the steps and make sure that you’re taking advantage of every new vehicle special and Ford incentive along the way, so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities to save!

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