Should I Buy or Lease a Car?

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For those who haven’t purchased a car around Indianola for some time, you might be debating between leasing vs, buying. In fact one of the most common questions we’ve received at DeYarman Ford Indianola over the years has been “Should I buy or lease a car?”



As a result, we felt the best approach is to showcase each option and provide buyers in Des Moines and Winterset with the best overview. Explore that below and when you’re ready, take a look at our new and pre-owned Ford truck inventories, you might find the car you’re looking for.

The Benefits of Leasing 

As we dive into the differences between leasing vs. buying, let’s move into some definitions. What is leasing in Indianola? Essentially, you’ll be renting the car you select for several years. While you won’t be able to sell your vehicle or build equity, you will only have to pay for your depreciation as it occurs during the terms of the lease. As a result, your down payment will be much smaller and you’ll have lower monthly payments as well.

When the lease is up, you can swap it out, renew it, end it, or consider financing the remaining value of your lease.

The Benefits of Financing 

As we move through the question of “Should I buy or lease a car?,” let’s move into financing. When you finance a vehicle, you’ll take a loan on the full value of the vehicle with your final goal being to own it.

To that end, the full value of your vehicle will be more than the depreciation over a temporary lease period. The result being you will have to make a larger down payment, pay more sales tax and make larger monthly payments in general. A major difference being you’ll be able to see the car at any time and recoup the money invested into the principal of our loan. 

This is why financing is the more cost-effective strategy, however you will have to have a far greater commitment and there will be larger upfront costs and more dedication on a month-by-month basis.

Explore Leasing vs. Buying With The DeYarman Ford Indianola Financiers

Now that you know the answer, “Should I buy or lease a car?,” the choice is entirely up to you. As a result, call us at 515-454-1315 or contact online. For those with businesses in Indianola in need of some vehicles, our commercial vehicle section can be a great help. Lease or finance your next Ford with DeYarman Ford Indianola. See you shortly! 


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