Ford Scheduled Maintenance Guide

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At Deyarman Ford, we aim to provide expert Ford service to keep your vehicle is running at its best. That includes helping you better understand the standard Ford maintenance schedule you should follow. Below, you can learn about the variety of Ford extended services, warranty coverage options, specific service mileage intervals and other services to follow in your Ford scheduled maintenance guide. Whether you bought new, used or certified pre-owned, we will make sure to get your car moving with the best wheels forward.

What Ford Service Do I Need?

Oil changes, filter replacements and tire rotations should be done every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. That is roughly three to four times per year. Your Ford service should follow this schedule, and include a few additional services, including:

Every 7,500 to 10,000 miles: 

  • Brake and parking brake inspections
  • Exhaust system and cooling system inspections
  • Multi-point inspection
  • Lubricate unsealed joints

After reaching 100,000 miles, you should continue getting serviced at the regular intervals, but you’ll also need to include a few other important checks in your Ford scheduled maintenance guide. Addressing these vital components is crucial for your vehicles’ health:

  • After 100,000 miles: Replace spark plugs
  • Every 120,000 miles: Replace engine air filter
  • Every 140,000 miles: Inspect accessory drive belts
  • Every 150,000 miles:
    • Replace accessory drive belts
    • If manual transmission, replace fluid
    • Replace orange coolant
    • Change engine air filter

Ford Warranty Coverage and Extended Ford Service

With Ford, you can opt for additional protection when you’re driving on Winterset roads with the 3-year/36,000 mile factory warranty or 5-year/60,000 mile powertrain warranty. There are also four Ford service plans that can upgrade your benefits for maintaining your vehicle.

  • PowertrainCARE: Covers 29 components of your Ford within the engine, transmission, RWD, and FWD.
  • BaseCARE: The BaseCARE Service Plan covers 84 components with additions such as steering, brakes, front suspension, A/C and heating, and electrical components. 
  • ExtraCARE: The ExtraCARE plane includes 113 components covered relating to your tech and convenience features such as keyless entry and power window motors.
  • PremiumCARE: The PremiumCARE plan upgrades to over 1,000 components of your Ford to provide the ultimate care and maintenance for your vehicle.

Get Trusted Ford Service at Deyarman Ford

When it’s time for your next round of Ford service, you can trust the team at Deyarman Ford! Our Ford technicians will make sure you can get back out on the road in no time, thanks to our timely and professional Ford service.

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